Lemon Computers“Is the Lemon Law just for cars?” This is one of the more common questions about the Lemon Law. The short answer is: Any consumer product costing more than $25 is eligible for Lemon Law protection.

As with anything legal, the short answer is never the end of the discussion. But it’s the best place to start. Read on to see if you’re covered.

“Am I Covered by the Lemon Law?” – Lemon Computers, Appliances and others

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When you rely on your vehicle for business, the consequences of your truck or van not running represents much more than a mere inconvenience: it represents a loss of income. And, it has a multiplied negative effect on your whole business and often your personal life.

No Truck = No Income

A vehicle failure can be catastrophic for many construction contractors, self-employed repair specialists, agri-service suppliers, lawn care services, vehicle and trailer transporters and others who rely on their vehicle daily. For that reason (and also because new vehicle sales are at a 30-year low), you would expect the manufacturers advertising their trucks and vans as “work tough” to give primary service and support to small business owners. [click to continue…]