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At nearly 30M vehicles, the number of GM recalled vehicles this year is staggering, and the recalls keep coming. If you own a GM vehicle, you need to find out what recalls and service updates have been issued for your car or truck. Any year, any model, any GM brand, you need to do your […]

Yes, used car lemon laws exist! Let’s get that out of the way up front. The misinformation on this issue is commonplace. Actually, rampant is more accurate, but used car owners have legal protections, too. Buyers are often misguided and falsely advised that no lemon law exists for them, but this is patently false. The […]

The Lemon Law exists to help you, the consumer, but myths abound regarding covered products, claim requirements and benefits. This article seeks to dispel common misconceptions and clarify what the lemon law is, and isn’t. Copied below are the Indiana Code sections dealing with the lemon law, along with plain language annotations and section-end summaries […]

Chrysler admitted last week that the braking system in its Grand Cherokee and Durango vehicles contains a defect which can allow water to enter the brake booster and “limit the braking ability of a vehicle.” As identified in NHTSA Campaign Number: 14V-154 this recall affects hundreds of thousands of vehicles for 2011 through 2014 model […]

Once you meet the criteria for pursuing a lemon law claim and are ready to seek relief, what’s next? Do I fill out a form? Do I write a letter, make a phone call, or do something else? You’re sitting with a stack of repair records from numerous unsuccessful repairs and your vehicle still has […]

The 2013 numbers are in. The BBB Auto Line, the largest lemon law arbitration program in the U.S., recently published last year’s statistics showing continued slim recovery percentages for applicants to their program. As stated in earlier articles, the BBB Auto Line is a typical first effort in seeking relief under state lemon laws. It’s […]

Welcome Back in 2014

by Harry Bradley on January 7, 2014

I created warrantydefect.com several years ago as a consumer information resource with the intent of focusing my practice on consumer products issues in Indiana and Illinois. Shortly after launch, however, I was presented with a fantastic opportunity to join a group of talented attorneys working in civil and commercial litigation in a more “corporate” setting. […]

Whether or not your vehicle is currently experiencing problems you may, like many owners, want to find out if your vehicle is currently the subject of a manufacturer’s recall or other product update.  This information may be published in the daily news, but watching the news alone is a haphazard source at best for gathering […]

When presenting your dealer with an intermittent or otherwise hard-to-troubleshoot problem you may receive a brush-off.  Why?  The simple answer: they don’t want to get involved with difficult problems. Manufacturers, like all businesses in this recession marketplace, are cutting costs, especially warranty service. End result: the manufacturer’s cost cutting impacts you, the consumer. You can […]

You’ve got a car problem.  Discussions with the dealer and customer service are going nowhere.  You’re fed up and trying to figure out what to do when see the page in your warranty book that says: “If a warranty concern has not been resolved, you can file with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Auto Line […]